Voices in my head 
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"No, it’s not a phase. My depression isn’t a phase. Why would you think that? I wanted to be a meek, shy, anti social person? Hell no. I dreamt of being the girl so confident she didn’t care what they thought. I wanted that so badly. But I’m not. Maybe I’ll get better. Maybe I’ll get worse. I don’t know. A phase ends but this just might be forever"
(My journal. j.v.a)
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Never feeling good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, not ever being enough has pushed me to the edge, I cld careless about being healthy, just want to be bone skinny

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"I’ve had enough. I’m stopping eating now. Enough is enough. I will calorie count. I will have low calories. And I will be thin. Fuck food. Fuck you fat. Fuck me."

This photo is so triggering 😣
I’m just to fat and I’m so far away from this body it hurts 😔